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babies and puppies December 30, 2010

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the puppy knows how this goes

We visited the in-laws on a minibreak. There’s so many animals on the farm but only the smallest one was baby compliant. They later went on to taste each other so I guess that makes them friends?


Pulling out

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We’ve pulled out of the pink living room. Cue sad music…

would you buy this living room?

It felt simply like Good Enough and not enough like What We Really Want. I feel bad for getting the nice owners hopes up but I’ve gotta put my family first.
Moving on.


Would you buy a house with a pink living room? December 15, 2010

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We already are home owners but somehow to me it seems it doesn’t really count unless it’s in the US (though not necessarily with a mortgage…). So, what do I think about having our offer accepted? I’m ambivalent. And I don’t like being ambivalent.

The house is ok v. the location is awesome

We have great friends there v. I have no job there

We love Oregon-early intervention services are limited

So, I keep moving forward, one foot in front of th–Only the homework for a mortgage is ridiculous! See the following:

Documents needed:

1..        I would like a pay history

2.       Bank statements for BankA for October and November (most recent 60 days)

3.       Bank statements for BankB for October and November (most recent 60 days)

4.       IRA Statement: if a current statement is available, please send one

5.       Deposit history.  I think we’ll want to show a history of your payroll deposits.  Can you print a deposit history?  If yes, how far back can you go?  I’d love to see at least 12 months, and longer if it’s an option.

6.       An important detail is the ability to verify your employment.  I’d like you to research from your end the easiest way from someone in the states to be able to call and have someone in human resources able to verify your employment.   Additionally we’ll need to fax an employment verification form to be completed by the HR dept.  I would think it’s pretty straight forward.  In fact I’ll email one to you in a future email.

7.       I think it would be nice to have a letter on letterhead that explains your job, your intention for buying in Eugene and how you’re able to work from Eugene.

8.       Your residential history.  I’d like a letter from you explaining the dates and addresses you’ve lived in previously.   All is fine, but we need to document 2 years of residential history.  So if you could write from ___to___ you lived at ________address.  Include information that supports your address in XX and why you use it as your mailing address.

Not much? Keep in mind they already have 2 years of my taxes, 3 months of my bank statements… And I have great credit. My how times have changed from the days of handing out mortgages like candy eh?


Viewing pleasure

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Two great videos came to me:
First, an amazing story that gives me goosebumps in all kinds of ways:

and then,

down with bodysnark and yay for being an artist


Summer Camp for Women December 10, 2010

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It’s annual party time at the office and that means all the city staff get to pack their bags and head out to the Site for a big party. Its clear that for a lot of the women, this is a rare treat of a night away from family. A “tourist” weekend is not a common event and while I can’t speak for them, I’m sure part of the fun is not having to cook and clean for a couple of nights.

This year there was a bit of controversy though. It’s common at Lao formal functions to have some young women dressed up in traditional dress “entertain guests”. Nothing that bad, usually consists of inviting guest to dance, making sure their glass is refilled, etc. It would certainly be expected if there was a VIP, especially from the Government. But this year an email went out assigning women staff (from junior secretaries to financial controllers) that they had been selected to dress up and “serve”. At their own staff party. I was shocked and saddened and pointed out to management that this anathema to their wishes for an equitable workplace and thought nothing would come of it. But a great thing happened–right after the email went out, women started emailing back that they weren’t coming. Copying their responses to everyone, they pointed out they had better things to do and one even asked “Did you check if we were free?” (with the between the lines being “or that we agreed to do this?!”). It was a wonderful sight.

Later I suggested to the head honcho that the author of the email (a nice guy) be quietly pulled aside so he could have it explained to him why what he wrote was not appropriate. He agreed and I thought we were getting somewhere. Until he concluded, “but if a manager had asked them the women would have said yes!”.

Uh yeah. Cause they would have not felt secure enough in their jobs to question someone who outranks them. True. But they still would have been pissed and the order still would have been wrong!



start ‘er up December 9, 2010

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I think I’ll just get started with my blogroll, crazy long as it is.